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Dear congregation: 

We are resuming services on Saturday and Sunday at their regular times as of May 31. We will follow these guidelines:

  • Those with compromised health situations, those experiencing flu-like symptoms, and children who cannot social distance are asked to continue to worship at home. (There is an opportunity for small group communion Sunday at 9:45 in the Parish Hall.)
  • No one should think they have to come to services until the danger of infection is past.
  • Avoid all physical contact in the building.
  • Sanitize hands upon entering.
  • Sit with your family six feet apart from other households.
  • Masks are encouraged during singing and when entering and exiting.
  • Handouts are on the table (no books).
  • Leave offering in the basket at the doors.
  • Acolytes and ushers may report for duty, however no one has to come to church. Let us know if you are not able to serve.

If you would like to receive private communion during this time, please contact me directly and we can meet at church or at your home.

Thank you to those remembering our church and school employees in prayer.  You may give from home online or using an app on your phone. See Vanco Giving Plus online. 

In Jesus' name,     

          Pastor Wright

 The Family Altar is written by Pastor Wright and a good source for devotions with your family while church and school is postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.