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Children's Sunday School

The Board of Christian Education has made the difficult decision to suspend PreK-8th grade Sunday School for the time being. We will reevaluate as we see fit. However, because our zest for God should be continuous, we want to work together with families so they can continue in their faithfulness and grow in their understanding and love for God. 

Parents are the primary influence for their child, both in life and faith. A child's understanding of God and what it means to be faithful to Him is impacted most when learned from a person they admire. Immanuel thanks God for all our parents and caregivers. To support parents in teaching God's word to their child(ren), Immanuel will provide parents with a weekly devotion (via the bulletin and website) to use with their child(ren) to help them learn more about what God has done and is doing for them through Jesus. Parents will have the opportunity to present the information to their children in a way that they will understand and are encouraged to make the lessons relatable to their lives. It is of the utmost importance to continue to teach your children God's word and help them stay faithful throughout this time of irregularity. 

This resource will be available on September 6th. Additionally, children can watch a video lesson every Sunday! This is a great way to teach your child about Christ during the summer. 

 It is an encouragement to know that God is faithful, and even through uncertain times, He is still in control. As faithful believers, we know it is God's will for all to know Him and have eternal life. Please find comfort in knowing that Jesus Christ has already conquered sin, death, and the devil through His death on the cross!