Adult Choir

The adult choir normally sings for the Sunday, 8:30 a.m. services.  The adult choir's music is usually sung in four part harmony and includes favorite traditional pieces and some new music that is appropriate for the worship setting.  The adult choir also performs a Christmas Cantata each year.  High school age through adults are welcome to sing in the adult choir.  The choir usually will sing a couple of times per month and rehearses Wednesday nights from September through May.  The rehearsal and singing schedule will again be found in the calendar, newsletter and Sunday bulletin pages of our website when the choir resumes.

Handbell Choir 

Immanuel has a 3-octave handbell set and performs approximately once per month at any of the three worship services.  High school age through adults are welcome.  Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings and the current schedule can be found on the calendar, newsletter and bulletin pages.  Occasionally the handbell choir will play along with the adult choir and also performs at the Christmas Cantata.

Men's Choir   

Men's choir is made up of a small group of male singers.  The music may be two or three part traditional hymns and songs but also may include unison singing especially for more contemporary selections.  Accompaniment may be by organ, piano, or Clavinova, CD, and some music is sung without accompaniment.  Jr. High school age through adult men are encouraged to participate.  Reading notes and previous experience is not a requirement. Rehearsal time is usually at 8 a.m. on Sundays in the choir room.  Check the current calendar, newsletter, bulletin for specific up-to-date information.

Praise Team

The Praise Team is made up of interested adults and sr. high youth who lead the singing for the Blended Worship service.  Soloists, duets, trios, and small groups sing on a weekly rotating basis.  They are especially helpful in teaching the congregation new music. Accompaniment is by the Clavinova, piano, and various other instruments such as drums, violin, guitar, bass guitar, and flutes.


Immanuel also welcomes musical talent in the area of band instrumentalists.  Junior high, senior high, and adults can participate in the worship services by playing trumpets, clarinets, flutes, saxes, percussion or trombones.  Participation recently is only limited due to the lack of time and personnel available to coordinate rehearsals.  Many of Immanuel's jr. and sr. high youth could be available to play in church.  Capable keyboardists and piano players are also welcome to play appropriate music as soloists and accompanists.

Children's Music

Children sing in worship as part of the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School programs.  Immanuel member children could sing approximately once per month at either or both Sunday services. 

Since the Altamont Lutheran School is an interparish school with three other congregations, the A.L.I.S. classes will rotate singing opportunities at each of the four churches for selected Sundays throughout the year.  Each class only sings once during the year at one of the 4 churches.

Children who like to sing solos, duets, or in small groups or play instruments are welcome and encouraged to do so.  Rehearsals are arranged privately with the children’s SS music director or Immanuel music coordinator.


Soloists are encouraged to sing at any of the worship services.  Interested singers can contact the church office to schedule singing times and rehearsals. 

Want to participate?

Speak to the director of the group you are interested in or contact the church office.

Our Music Directors

Music at Immanuel

Martin Luther once said that next to the Scripture, music is the most important of all God's gifts to mankind.  Music has always been an important aspect of the worship life at Immanuel.

Worship at Immanuel includes a variety of music of traditional hymns with pipe organ and trumpet accompaniment, special music by the bell choir, adult choir, men's choir, soloists, song leaders and children.

Appropriate Christian contemporary music is also included especially in the Blended Service.

Liturgies include a variety from The Lutheran Service Book and special liturgies for special occasions.  The Blended Service uses special orders each week and includes traditional hymns and contemporary songs.

Accompaniment is by the organ, Clavinova, piano, and various other instruments such as trumpets, drums, violin, guitar, bass guitar, clarinets, and flutes.