Come Visit Us

At Immanuel Lutheran Church, our goal is to provide a place in which you may experience the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ through our worship services, fellowship events, and community activities. We hope you will join us in worshipping our Lord together sometime soon. In case you had any questions, we thought we'd provide you some answers before your visit.

What are our worship services like?

Immanuel offers a variety of worship services. Our worship services begin with the opportunity to meet and greet your neighbors, leading us into the worship service, scripture readings, the preaching of God's Word, administration of the Sacraments and prayer. Each service offers a variety of music - traditional as well as contemporary music, adult and youth choirs, bell choir, and special music. If you are visiting Immanuel, please let one of the ushers know so that we can help you become comfortable with our service.

THE LORD’S SUPPER is celebrated every week. Here Jesus gives us His true body and blood for the forgiveness of sins. Scripture teaches that anyone who eats and drinks the body and blood of Christ without discerning the body and blood received a judgment rather than a blessing from God (1 Cor. 11:29). Therefore, out of Christian concern for souls, we require thorough instruction in the teaching of the Lutheran Church before coming to the sacrament. Communion is also a testimony of unity of faith with all others who partake (1 Cor. 10:27). Since unity at the altar means unity in doctrine and confession, we ask that only those who are in confessional fellowship with The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod attend the Lord’s Supper. If you would like to come forward to receive a blessing, fold your hands across your chest before the pastor during the communion. 

DEAR VISITORS: We recognize this communion practice is a sensitive issue for many, therefore we have prepared a brochure to explain it more fully. These are available in the entry to the sanctuary. See Pastor for questions

What activities are available for my family?

Families are encouraged to attend the main worship services. During the services, an unstaffed cry room is available for your convenience with small children. Children's Sunday School for ages 3 through High School are available on Sundays at 9:45 a.m. Adult Bible Study is also available at each Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Sunday Bible Classes, Weekday Bible Study, and Young Adult activities are also available to family members.

How can I get to know people better?

The best way to deepen relationships at Immanuel Lutheran Church is to participate in our many activities. We offer a variety of ways to volunteer - become an usher, greeter, youth leader, braille worker, and many others. There are also several small groups that meet at various times throughout the week for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Special events are also held throughout the year. Please contact our church office for more information, or see the Contact Us portion of our website.

After your visit

During the course of your visit, questions may come to mind. If you want to know more about what is taught or done, we'd be delighted to talk with you about this. We're never offended by sincere inquiries. In fact, the pastor or one of the members will gladly get together with you, at your convenience, to answer any of your questions. Teaching and practicing the word of Christ is the most important thing in our life. We hope you will want to come back and be with us again after your visit.