October 6, 2021  Dear members: it's an honor to be your pastor and bring the Word of God to you each week and at other times. You have really supported the church well through the Covid epidemic with your attendance, offerings, and encouragement. Today I ask all healthy members to consider an area of service at the church. We are in a reawakening phase of ministry. People are coming back to church more often. This is great. The areas where we need help right now are youth ministry, Sunday school, and music. We need people to help on Wednesdays, perhaps once a month, to chaperone together time. We need people to sing with the men's choir and cantata rehearsal, as well as the mixed choir for Reformation and the winter holy days. We also need piano/keyboard people for the 11 am Sunday services. Consider how much you love God and your church, and find time to help us out. For those who are not so heathly or able to get around, please pray for us! God bless you all today.