Holy Week is the big event for Christians. During this time we really focus in on what it took for God to win our forgiveness and bring us back to Himself. Jesus went to the Jerusalem temple daily to teach. On Thursday we mark the evening of the last supper by coming together to hear a sermon and receive the Lord's Supper as He instituted it that night. The altar is stripped to remind us that Jesus lost everything, His clothing, even all His disciples left him, and he was arrested and led away as a captive. On Friday we gather in darkness and silence to remember His suffering for six hours on the cross, to remember the seven times He spoke upon the cross, and to see the love He had for us. He gave everything for us because He loved us.

   On Sunday morning, Easter, we gather early after sunrise. The service begins at the door with the lighting of the paschal candle. As the flame is carried to the altar, we praise Jesus for being the light of the world, shining through the darness of death and giving us life. Later in the morning we receive the Lord's Supper in the midst of singing the great festival songs of His resurrection.

   I hope that you will join us for Holy Week and Easter services after the long loneliness of the pandemic. The light has come! It's time to sing and praise Jesus together as a congregation again.

Pastor Wright