The Immanuel LERT (Lutheran Early Response Team) deployed to a small disaster in Beecher City on Monday, July 20, 2020. Storms late Sunday night knocked down trees and disrupted power to several residents of the village. One mobile home was wrecked with a tree through the roof and two hospitalized. The American Red Cross provided shelter for the family. Our LERT team was activated by the Effingham County Emergency Management Agency. On such short notice only five of us could deploy. Ken Mercier, Gary Wolff, Maurice and Alta Lowry and I were able to help three residences by cutting trees and piling the debris by the street.  The mayor's office and the fire department provided rehabilitation with water and sandwiches. We were able to assist the two city employees and public works manager to get the community cleaned up. We were assisted by nearby residents and the family of one of the properties.

Immanuel received LERT training in 2013 and again in 2015. We have about 20 people trained for response. Our goal is to provide help through recovery effort and encouragement. It provides a great opportunity to give witness to our Lord Jesus through work, words, and just being there in time of need. People were certainly appreciative of Immanuel for coming.

We will try to schedule another training at Immanuel next year when the coronavirus epidemic is over. Surely there will be more disasters to respond to in our area.

Pastor Wright